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1. Austin, TX509,5431068
2. Chicago, IL873,015876
3. Minneapolis, MN356,475853
4. Portland, OR373,151714
5. New York, NY479,162708
6. Seattle, WA288,927682
7. San Francisco, CA752,785630
8. Los Angeles, CA388,270522
9. Atlanta, GA305,532505
10. Columbus, OH183,631504
11. Charlotte, NC256,207438
12. Houston, TX182,710414
13. San Diego, CA313,355411
14. Phoenix, AZ188,465381
15. Brooklyn, NY198,300366
16. St Paul, MN143,590366
17. Denver, CO211,010364
18. San Antonio, TX190,462357
19. Saint Louis, MO237,762337
20. Washington, DC219,709337
21. Milwaukee, WI151,134312
22. Raleigh, NC79,152309
23. Dallas, TX151,132300
24. Philadelphia, PA116,945295
25. Oklahoma City, OK83,651279
26. Indianapolis, IN141,439277
27. Orlando, FL138,745271
28. Tucson, AZ94,436263
29. Tampa, FL144,833236
30. Cincinnati, OH100,952234
31. Kansas City, MO87,305211
32. Baltimore, MD97,252208
33. Boston, MA89,163204
34. Las Vegas, NV566,010202
35. Nashville, TN102,494202
36. Pittsburgh, PA68,401201
37. Richmond, VA112,391195
38. Birmingham, AL62,951189
39. Cleveland, OH66,369187
40. Scottsdale, AZ192,520182
41. Wichita, KS50,957181
42. San Jose, CA111,111179
43. Des Moines, IA90,590178
44. Grand Rapids, MI70,417175
45. Honolulu, HI165,800169
46. Miami, FL110,637169
47. Salt Lake City, UT98,459163
48. Omaha, NE44,775160
49. Jacksonville, FL52,764155
50. Madison, WI46,230154
51. Shawnee Mission, KS41,314154
52. Fort Lauderdale, FL55,858153
53. Spokane, WA40,822152
54. Albuquerque, NM126,277149
55. Louisville, KY41,957149
56. Rochester, NY117,206148
57. Tulsa, OK75,116146
58. Knoxville, TN39,195145
59. Boise, ID62,861144
60. Boulder, CO78,597139
61. Memphis, TN114,847132
62. Columbia, MO29,595129
63. Ann Arbor, MI35,610126
64. Arlington, VA58,973122
65. Virginia Beach, VA44,873116
66. Dayton, OH56,534115
67. Tempe, AZ60,239115
68. Tallahassee, FL35,989114
69. West Palm Beach, FL51,751114
70. Greensboro, NC45,177113
71. New Orleans, LA39,784112
72. Wilmington, NC62,238112
73. Fort Collins, CO61,248111
74. Portland, ME46,421111
75. Fort Wayne, IN56,220108
76. Cedar Rapids, IA28,130106
77. Fayetteville, AR24,943106
78. Columbia, SC54,244104
79. Charleston, SC49,912103
80. Tacoma, WA31,010103
81. Plano, TX75,119102
82. Sacramento, CA44,328102
83. Springfield, MO28,059102
84. Eugene, OR31,857101
85. Little Rock, AR45,595101
86. Buffalo, NY73,249100
87. Lexington, KY57,595100
88. Mesa, AZ42,911100
89. Bellevue, WA34,05998
90. Oakland, CA39,72397
91. Colorado Springs, CO81,46395
92. Marietta, GA69,41492
93. Cambridge, MA30,97691
94. Charlottesville, VA27,05091
95. Alexandria, VA33,02090
96. Corpus Christi, TX82,14890
97. Fargo, ND39,16090
98. Fort Worth, TX82,54888
99. Lincoln, NE21,72288
100. Durham, NC30,27686

michaelconquest - Michael Conquest

Hi Folks...I'm an 8 year internet marketing veteran who enjoys helping others make money online.

DaddyErik - Erik Strommen

Play and games are the future of learning; trying to do my part to make it happen!

SeanMFairchild - SMF

Cyclist training 20+hrs each wk in hopes of signing with Rock Racing. Born in KC-MO, raised in NJ w/3+ yrs in Active Army Infantry. Reside in Eastside Seattle.

marypk1 - maryprattkunzweiler

All this and brains too! :) Wink wink!

jrauch10 - John Rauch

President of Axonus Technology Group

HenkD3D - Henk Dawson

Henk Dawson, 3D illustrator and 3D animator, uses Modo, After Effects, and Motion tracking software for creative assets used in advertising and marketing.

reneehendricks - Renee Hendricks

Web Developer for over 14 years, oDesk provider

Localtweeps Status:When is it going to be more like pool weather around here? #LT

italyfrominside - Paolo and Francesca

Italian culture explained with Social Media by real Italians. Check out our blog, podcast and eBook

IPDog - don merino

A middle aged corporate road warrior, Home, Kids, Work, Fun

nancyericksen - Nancy Ericksen

Internet Marketing Consultant, singer, animal lover

WABrokers - Larry Braden

Premier Business and Real Estate Broker, MBA, Big-4 CPA, PMP, e-Pro, If you like us check out CommercialMLS now for industry trends!

FromItaly - Francesca Tosolini

Home stager, Interior decorator, Color consultant, author of travel eBook Italy From The Inside

EnergyBuzz - Duncan Gibbs

Following progressive energy thought leaders and emerging topics.

Localtweeps Status:Boeing suggests green, efficient biofuel for jets this year - article in Sci Am - http://bit.ly/1nxcIc - camelina is favored feedstock #LT

dpwp - David Pedersen

Do more with less.

manticor24 - Bryan Simonson

Marketer and programmer by day. Student and gamer by night.

TSTGlen - Glen Ellis

Helping people buy and sell real estate in the Bellevue, WA area.

BellevueCJD - Joe Mopar

Dodge Chrysler Jeep Parts, Service Sales. Challenger SRT8s in Stock!!!

TDM_Stemware - Mercer Imports

Wine Glasses Decanters by Eisch

FootZone - FootZone

Eastside Running and Walking Store!

ToyotaBellevue - Toyota of Bellevue

Bellevue Toyota Dealership

psephilip - Philip Malkin

Being creative with the local power utility.

HRHildebrand - Heather Hildebrand

Eastsiders - Eastsiders Tweeting

Eastsiders on Twitter. Join our group at www.EastsideEntrepreneurs.com

Localtweeps Status:Just listed myself in the http://localtweeps.com local Twitter directory in ZIP/Postal District 98004 #LT

jerryross - Jerry Ross

Another .NET developer

tosolini - Paolo Tosolini

New Media Business Manager at Microsoft focused on Social Media, Enterprise Podcasting and Online Video. Blogger and podcaster about Italy and travel.

patrickbyers - Patrick Byers

CEO of Outsource Marketing + Responsible Marketing Evangelist. Speak, write, blog, strategize, do good, name, socialize ... yada yada.

jakematts - Jake Matthews

Medium format photography, poetry, reading, being a hoodlum anywhere possible.

gglockner - Greg Glockner

The master knows all except combination to safe.

Uppendahl - Uppendahl

President, TRUE NORTH Network, Inc., creates powerful business development, consumer engagement, social media, marketing and PR programs that rock!

jamesman - jamesman

myscottydont - ScottyDont

Follow me - but send an @myscottydont and introduce thyself

mrmseawa - Mary Middleton

Disclosure: I do NOT have a ghost-twitterer working for me...

Localtweeps Status:Just listed myself in the http://localtweeps.com local Twitter directory in ZIP/Postal Code 98004 #LT

howiecohen - Howie Cohen

General merchandise buyer for Bartell Drugs

CherylRMonaghan - Cheryl Monaghan

I cherish the New along with the Tried and True. Travel, music, photography, owning a BnB in CO keep me going. Oh yeah, work, too.

TobiasHartmann - Tobias Hartmann

Expert on e-filing/e-service for law firms and courts, Litigation, LexisNexis, Multi-lingual green polyglot

nwchefdan - Dan Thiessen

Chef and Owner of Chef Dan Restaurants. On the radio each Saturday from 1-2 PM on AM 770. Blog online at www.mynorthwest.com

jermismo - Jeremy F#'n Campbell

I'm the man who can and I'm not afraid to do it to it. Keyboards and beer cans my hands are good for many uses.

jldavid - JL David

Canadian. Microsoftie. Manager. Developer. Author. Entrepreneur. Musician. Gadget Collector. Technologist. Social Media Afficionado. Geek.

codordog - Julien

Startup guy @ Microsoft in Redmond. Managing the BizSpark Initiative

MrsReyna - Erin Lynch

rasperry160 - Chloe Veltkamp

sSabs - sSabs

RickMBA - Rick Miller

Master Builders Association Chief Operating Officer

stevenmatsumoto - Steven P. Matsumoto

Brand Strategy Marketing Ronin|Social Media Student|Speaker|Bellevue Tweet-Up Co-Organizer|CEO Stigmare Couture Marketing Product Development|Renaissance Man

jeffdnyla - Jeff Dickey

Technologist, Entrepreneur, Apple Fan, Co-founder of Bluelayer Solutions, Data Center Virtualization, DR and Storage SME, IT Ops Generalist

Stigmare - Stigmare

Couture Product Development Marketing, Mad Men meets The Devil Wears Prada, The Movado of Marketing

MichelBomberger - Michelle Bomberger

Business Lawyer and Advisor, Restauranteur, Mom of 2, Zonian

schutzler - michael

CEO Coach / Business Sherpa

OmegaPhoto - Laura

I work (as a photoshop artist) at a locally owned photo store in Bellevue, WA. I'm here to tweet about photography, our fun staff, and our store.

JGehrke - Jack Gehrke

I'm just a dude, playing a dude, pretending to be another dude.

isw_yuen - Isaac Yuen

I work on the Team Foundation Server at Microsoft, but most of the time I program on top of Excel.

theskriv - Skriv

MarkASchneider - Mark Alan Schneider

Music, film junkie. Tech lawyer. Looking for a good read.

chetang - Chetan

I'm into algorithms, puzzles, programming, maths, time management, spirituality, martial arts, hiking, movies, vegetarianism, cooking. Ok I'm into many things!

neilminetto - Neil Minetto

Marketer specializing in web analytics, email and social media.

GA_Creative - GA Creative

Graphic design firm located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, specializing in branding, design, and SEO. Aligning smart strategy with sharp creative.

mbrinton - Mark Brinton


Community Radio broadcasting progressive news and public affairs, eclectic music. Tweets c/o Joaquin Uy (ju), Sabrina Roach (sr), and Peter Graff (pg)

bluejeans2 - Jean Van Court

CCO at Fuze, focused on in-Fuze-ing community into the KB. Love helping people take customer care to the next level. ID roots, looking for Seattle sun.

KWMSeattle - Kyle Munson

Finance analyst supporting global search engine mktg team. Part-time MBA student. Soccer fanatic.

edwil - ed wilkening

semi retired techie, baseball bum. ATTN: If you are adding me for link spamming and do not add value in your tweets, don't feel bad when blocked.

LiquidPT - Matt Fraser

ASP.NET / DotNetNuke developer.

columnbreak - Josh

Marketing editor, Web designer, social media newbie. Japanese music listener, Windows user, Zune owner, shy guy.

celshady - Anderson

Connoisseur of life, food, drink and awesomeness. Also taller than average.

KennedyIAm - Joe Kennedy

Father of @JackieNKennedy, promoter of small business @BellevueNews, publisher, connector and real estate broker

Localtweeps Status:Just listed myself in the http://localtweeps.com local Twitter directory in ZIP/Postal District 98004 #LT

BellevueNews - Bellevue Biz Journal

All the news about Bellevue, WA that is fit to print

StuartW - StuartW

I do creative stuff, as needed.

EricPosner - Eric Posner

E2.0 Technology Implementations, and Strategy Development, Enterprise Architecture, and Collaboration.

hyattbellevue - HyattRegencyBellevue

Less than 2 weeks from being the largest convention hotel east of Lake Washington offering 733 guestrooms over 60,000 sqft of meeting space.


Just an ordinary guy, a baby from the 80s...trying to make my way in this crazy town...Rawr!

urlgirl - Magdalena Donea

I tell you the past is a bucket of ashes. --Carl Sandburg

jenniferriley - JenR

Living in the PNW, love the sun, cycling, mt.biking but a little too anxious for the first snowfall so I can hit the hill!

therev5275 - Karl Hardenberg

telecom guy, enthusiastic amateur technologist (see geek), scotch drinker, opinionated, avid movie goer, music lover and in need of a hobby

kollu - kollu

BostieTweets - Bailey Williamson

This is nothing but a dream....

bubbamike - bubbamike

Anti-Social Media Guru Fan of Food, books, Miatas, trolley buses and swing music

amygeek - amygeek

Fan of tech, photography, travel, movies, books, theatre, pretty girls and shiny gadgets.

algarman - Al Garman

Cabinet and funiture maker/ Proud husband, dad and Democrat (progressive/ liberal) of Iranian descent./ PCO/ 41st LD Dems 2nd VC/ Photographer (4 rec)

Localtweeps Status:Health Care Organization Meeting http://localtweeps.com/QU0sAP ||Sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/lbnzay ||#Obama #healthcare #lt

HutsonHomes - Seattle Real Estate

Serving Seattle and the Greater Eastside

eternaljunkie - britney jones

studied PR at bellevue college. I Would love to get out of WA and do talent management. Dance.Sleep.Music.Study.Music.Family.Music.Party.

superbetch10 - Eddie Kim

Modern-Gay Fashionista-Socialite who loves food & shopping.

FactoriaChiro - Newport Chiropractic

At Newport Chiropractic, our objective is to determine the underlying cause of the health problem and then correct the cause, rather than merely treat a symptom

jeffcarroll - jeff carroll

@starbucks partner/@mystarbucksidea moderator. i dig videojuegos, running, reading, music, coffee/tea (natch), social media, snowboarding and my dog.

switzerblog - Switzerblog

Dude, track geek, runner, wannabe writer and owner of Tiny Dog.

BellevueKOMO - BellevueKOMO

The official KOMO Twitter page for Bellevue, WA! http://bellevue.komonews.com

MutualMaterials - Mutual Materials

Family Owned Pacific Northwest Distributor of brick, block, pavers, slabs, segmental retaining wall, natural stone and Cultured Stone.

borisgivanov - Boris Ivanov

I can help you make the right choice

realestatereel - Real Estate Reel


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