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1. Austin, TX509,5431068
2. Chicago, IL873,015876
3. Minneapolis, MN356,475853
4. Portland, OR373,151714
5. New York, NY479,162708
6. Seattle, WA288,927682
7. San Francisco, CA752,785630
8. Los Angeles, CA388,270522
9. Atlanta, GA305,532505
10. Columbus, OH183,631504
11. Charlotte, NC256,207438
12. Houston, TX182,710414
13. San Diego, CA313,355411
14. Phoenix, AZ188,465381
15. Brooklyn, NY198,300366
16. St Paul, MN143,590366
17. Denver, CO211,010364
18. San Antonio, TX190,462357
19. Saint Louis, MO237,762337
20. Washington, DC219,709337
21. Milwaukee, WI151,134312
22. Raleigh, NC79,152309
23. Dallas, TX151,132300
24. Philadelphia, PA116,945295
25. Oklahoma City, OK83,651279
26. Indianapolis, IN141,439277
27. Orlando, FL138,745271
28. Tucson, AZ94,436263
29. Tampa, FL144,833236
30. Cincinnati, OH100,952234
31. Kansas City, MO87,305211
32. Baltimore, MD97,252208
33. Boston, MA89,163204
34. Las Vegas, NV566,010202
35. Nashville, TN102,494202
36. Pittsburgh, PA68,401201
37. Richmond, VA112,391195
38. Birmingham, AL62,951189
39. Cleveland, OH66,369187
40. Scottsdale, AZ192,520182
41. Wichita, KS50,957181
42. San Jose, CA111,111179
43. Des Moines, IA90,590178
44. Grand Rapids, MI70,417175
45. Honolulu, HI165,800169
46. Miami, FL110,637169
47. Salt Lake City, UT98,459163
48. Omaha, NE44,775160
49. Jacksonville, FL52,764155
50. Madison, WI46,230154
51. Shawnee Mission, KS41,314154
52. Fort Lauderdale, FL55,858153
53. Spokane, WA40,822152
54. Albuquerque, NM126,277149
55. Louisville, KY41,957149
56. Rochester, NY117,206148
57. Tulsa, OK75,116146
58. Knoxville, TN39,195145
59. Boise, ID62,861144
60. Boulder, CO78,597139
61. Memphis, TN114,847132
62. Columbia, MO29,595129
63. Ann Arbor, MI35,610126
64. Arlington, VA58,973122
65. Virginia Beach, VA44,873116
66. Dayton, OH56,534115
67. Tempe, AZ60,239115
68. Tallahassee, FL35,989114
69. West Palm Beach, FL51,751114
70. Greensboro, NC45,177113
71. New Orleans, LA39,784112
72. Wilmington, NC62,238112
73. Fort Collins, CO61,248111
74. Portland, ME46,421111
75. Fort Wayne, IN56,220108
76. Cedar Rapids, IA28,130106
77. Fayetteville, AR24,943106
78. Columbia, SC54,244104
79. Charleston, SC49,912103
80. Tacoma, WA31,010103
81. Plano, TX75,119102
82. Sacramento, CA44,328102
83. Springfield, MO28,059102
84. Eugene, OR31,857101
85. Little Rock, AR45,595101
86. Buffalo, NY73,249100
87. Lexington, KY57,595100
88. Mesa, AZ42,911100
89. Bellevue, WA34,05998
90. Oakland, CA39,72397
91. Colorado Springs, CO81,46395
92. Marietta, GA69,41492
93. Cambridge, MA30,97691
94. Charlottesville, VA27,05091
95. Alexandria, VA33,02090
96. Corpus Christi, TX82,14890
97. Fargo, ND39,16090
98. Fort Worth, TX82,54888
99. Lincoln, NE21,72288
100. Durham, NC30,27686

MtgExpert - Wayne Thompson

When it comes to mortgages nothing substitutes for 35 years experience in residential lending

johnmcarey - John Carey

Creative extremist, passionate proponent of new ways of economic education---marketing manager, heretic, and huge fan of the lost art of common courtesy..

lunaliu - Pam


busytoby - ☭busytoby☭


pmicka - Patrick Micka

Nomad painter, open source enthusiast, artsy prankster.

gurghi - gurghi

Had to be there, used to be there, no 'there' there.

RussThompson3 - Russ Thompson

Lexington, Ky Real Estate and Ball Homes

uniquitibles - Mark Johnson

Distinctive and Colorful Handmade Jewelry Pieces

PCAKY - PreventChildAbuseKY

Our Mission is to Prevent the Abuse and Neglect of Kentucky's Children.

ddhblogger - Debbie Hildreth

editor | blogger | content creator :: knit for relaxation :: read for inspiration :: run for perspiration

briancbotts - brianbotts

Quaker. Book hoarder. Late sleeper.

ncryder - Nathan Cryder

:_:-..-::..:-::.._-::..: Read brail? Maybe you should.

fransabad - Fran Sabad

Stampin' UP! demo offering stamping and scrapbooking classes, clubs and custom projects.

LexingtonInsure - Joe Cerzosie

Husband, insurance agent, business owner, golfer, U of KY fan, Celiac Disease

GoodFoodsCoop - Good Foods

Shop Local, Buy Local!

keithelam9 - Keith Elam

UK Basketball Fan

LisaMunniksma - Lisa Munniksma

managing editor of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home magazines

addieKY - addiecaulk

Social media nerd. Maker of crafty things. Exchanger of witty banter. Closet super-hero.

Localtweeps Status:The weather needs to make up its mind! Downtwn Lexington is gorgeous one min. then pouring buckets the next & I left my canoe @ home :(

jclynhwkns - jaclyn

my life is not really entertaining enough to tweet about, which is an aspect i'm looking to change.

teresadf - Teresa Fallis

Pretty effing awesome! Hilarious, random, nerdy and did I mention awesome!? I like pie! Can you diggit?

greenrachellee - Rachel Mitchell

one green sahm bent on saving the world from itself

Mother_Tongue - Heather Chapman

Herald-Leader mommy blogger, green, geeky, all-around stand-up gal.

jdmeador - Julia Meador

Graduated with a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications. On the job hunt - interested in Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management.

barrie - barrie

pet sitter, dog walker/trainer, reader of vampiric chic lit, diagnosed 2001 w/ Multiple Sclerosis

gmcase0 - gmcase0

I am a web designer and I trying to make the world a better place one line of code at a time.

dbslone - David Slone

Volunteer Motion Graphics Artist at Quest Community Church

chadstwit - Chad Sparks

Major in humor and a master's in Sarcasm. Mortgage Planner, Insurance Broker, husband, father, lending a helping hand to those in need.

three50one - Sam Perkins

Launch CEO/GCHD VP Biz Dev/CEO, Purgenix, Inc., Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.

coop0921 - Dale Cooper

kvallance - Korey Vallance

UKiwin - workplace innovation

iwin develops and disseminates knowledge about the 21st century workplace to create environments that boost the bottom line, employee health and work-life fit

brewsky1701 - Bruce Bishop

I got your bio right here.

fhprice - Frank Price

SpiderSpinotti - Spider Spinotti

Scotsman in KY. Peter Paterson. Food Bank Ops.Blue Elf in Second Life. Linux Mint 6 Xfce. Eee 1000 40G SSD. Believer in Jesus Christ. Happily married June 1999.

wretched33 - Matt Johnson

Graphic designer / web designer working in the arena marketing world.

chadthebad - chadthebad

Prepress, Design, Dad

bdotson - Bill Dotson

always learning

KimmyVille - Kimmy Thomas

Writer/Blogginista/Alto/SmartyPants at KimmyVille.blogspot.com or in Ace Weekly.com. I believe in faith and kindness.

billpowell - Bill Powell

Marketing and creative agency owner; email marketing consultant; social media marketer;father of 2, husband to @jackiepowell, and lefty lover of Macs and music.

Localtweeps Status:Lesson here is, don't file paperwork. US rewards if you break the law, but busts you if you try to do it right http://ow.ly/do7B #tcot #lt

Cara_Worick - Cara_Worick

Video Editor, Film Connoisseur, dabbler in social media, and WebProNews worker

jessieparker - Jessica Parker

krissieb - krissieb

wife, healthnut-in-training, photographer, in a career crisis (as usual)

Josh92 - Josh Cain

I procrastinate a lot, I like to game, I'm an internet god, sleeping is fun, and I don't know what to do with my life. Yep, that pretty much describes me.

KYMargueritte - Margueritte Williams


gchenault - Georgann Chenault

Conceptual Advertising Designer, Diana Krall in a parallel universe, devout Christian with unique calling and slave to perennial gardens

tomkimmerer - Tom Kimmerer

I am a forest scientist, sustainability consultant, speaker, writer, photographer.

rossuber - rossuber

Soon-to-be teacher of music!

LKRidge - Loralee Ridge

Mother, Teacher, Follower of Christ

tanzmitpalmer - Bekka Palmer

Bitch your own Rabbitshoes!

Cinister - Cinister

Cindy: sin·is·ter: on the left side, singularly evil or productive of evil; relating to the left side of something; of ill omen by reason of being on the left.

alanlhammond - Alan Hammond

Christian, managing editor/writer for SportsMD Media (GolfersMD.com, TennisMD.com, more to come), blogger, business owner, proud member of Gen-X.

dave_lo - Dave Lowe

Intern for Quantum Communications in Louisville. Junior finance and management student at UK. Passionate about tech, news, and social media.

buddyla - Buddy Hall

I'm a party in the box without the box because it's been recycled fool!

Newlight62 - James Glover

Gadget Geek Internet Junkie

marymolinaro - Mary Molinaro

Preservation Digital Programs @ Univ of KY. Librarian interested in digital curation, info technology social networking. Gadget loving beekeeper

charbra - Chase Arbra

emilysandford - Emily Sandford

Marketing MBA, plus size low carbing blogger and chic reality TV loving geek. Dir of Mkt for IT company.

angierice - Angie Rice

Lover of design, advocate of organized business,and full of joy from Him.

jackiepowell - jackiepowell

God loving, ad agency owning, baby book publishing, wife of @billpowell mama of 2 boys.

fathermckenzie - Peter White

I am more and more convinced that what and how I eat is rooted in how I love God with all my heart, mind and strength and my neighbor as myself.

joshw - Josh Watkins

I'm on staff at Quest Community Church doing all things web/video/computer related :). And loving it.

babykentucky - Baby in Kentucky

The primary source for pregnancy and baby-related information, services and products in the Kentucky area.

jamisonb - Jamison Barton

Printing Guru, Husband, Dad to Two, Friend to Many, Account Executive at API and all around easy going guy!

joelwheeler - Joel Wheeler

mogers - Matt Rogers

Lutherand - Luther Andal

Husband, Father, Deal-Bargain Hunter, Tech, Entrepreneur, Beer Connoisseur, UK and Rams Fan, CEO of Evasiv providing Outsourcing/Offshoring Solutions

profkakie - Kakie Urch

Prof of multimedia, practitioner of multiple media, wrfl.fm for fun alt Fridays 6-8 Eastern

DaveHendo - DaveHendo


keeganfrank - Keegan

Foodie, Beerie, Local Blogster, Polymath, Recluse, Elitist

EJXD2 - Ed DeRosa

Journalist gambler


Writer/Blogginista/Alto/SmartyPants at KimmyVille.blogspot.com or in Ace Weekly.com. I believe in faith and kindness.

ashley_callahan - Ashley Callahan

internal communication and marketing pro here to collaborate with the fabulous people on twitter and become more in tune with social media

lexvideoguy - BlueMoonMultimedia

Audio and Video Producer

whitneypannell - Whitney Pannell

Eternal Optimist, Realtor,Social Media Addict,Devoted Swim Mom,Serious Multitasker,They call me The Whitnet.

craigcammack - Craig Cammack

Community volunteer and activist. Trying to make Lexington creative and socially diverse. Second blog at sociallygay.blogspot.com.

robmorris2 - Rob Morris

Owner at Lowell's - Independent Toyota / Lexus Repair

iammsully - iammsully

Husband, father, marketer who thinks way too much about office space and UK basketball.

rhondabartlett - Rhonda Bartlett

Web designer, wife, mother, grandmother, friend...

meehanikan - Andrew Thomas Meehan

Cool Super Rockstar and Musician

macro1970 - Chris Nash

Geek, video gamer, blogger, reader

_norma - Norma

amartindesign - Adam Martin

Ambitious, independent designer; Christ follower; husband; former socialite; sleepless dad; proud Kentuckian; social media enthusiast; founder of @smclex

thompsont - thompsont

jhalljhall - Justin Hall

Web guru, family man, and gamer that is looking to branch out socially

jmclifton - Jim Clifton

CEO Therix Medical

aiphone - Jan Stepka

Want to connect w/other IT and local people. I grew up in MI, played keyboards in Northwind. Befriend me on FB.

Tom_Godell - Tom Godell

WUKY Radio General Manager, classical music guru, 2nd baseman

MariAdkins - Mari Adkins

writer / editor / insane / spamkiller

kwasson - Katheran Wasson

Reporter for The State Journal in Frankfort

adlex - Deb Hildreth

technical writer, creative copywriter experienced in media content for nonprofits, civil engineering and public safety

Mochamemories - Shelley Hopps

I am a crafter in Lexington, Kentucky that is so glad that handmade is chic again.

Dentist_KY - Jenny Miller

aluresalonspa - Alure Salon& Day Spa

Lexington's Premier Salon and Day Spa


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