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1. Austin, TX509,5431068
2. Chicago, IL873,015876
3. Minneapolis, MN356,475853
4. Portland, OR373,151714
5. New York, NY479,162708
6. Seattle, WA288,927682
7. San Francisco, CA752,785630
8. Los Angeles, CA388,270522
9. Atlanta, GA305,532505
10. Columbus, OH183,631504
11. Charlotte, NC256,207438
12. Houston, TX182,710414
13. San Diego, CA313,355411
14. Phoenix, AZ188,465381
15. Brooklyn, NY198,300366
16. St Paul, MN143,590366
17. Denver, CO211,010364
18. San Antonio, TX190,462357
19. Saint Louis, MO237,762337
20. Washington, DC219,709337
21. Milwaukee, WI151,134312
22. Raleigh, NC79,152309
23. Dallas, TX151,132300
24. Philadelphia, PA116,945295
25. Oklahoma City, OK83,651279
26. Indianapolis, IN141,439277
27. Orlando, FL138,745271
28. Tucson, AZ94,436263
29. Tampa, FL144,833236
30. Cincinnati, OH100,952234
31. Kansas City, MO87,305211
32. Baltimore, MD97,252208
33. Boston, MA89,163204
34. Las Vegas, NV566,010202
35. Nashville, TN102,494202
36. Pittsburgh, PA68,401201
37. Richmond, VA112,391195
38. Birmingham, AL62,951189
39. Cleveland, OH66,369187
40. Scottsdale, AZ192,520182
41. Wichita, KS50,957181
42. San Jose, CA111,111179
43. Des Moines, IA90,590178
44. Grand Rapids, MI70,417175
45. Honolulu, HI165,800169
46. Miami, FL110,637169
47. Salt Lake City, UT98,459163
48. Omaha, NE44,775160
49. Jacksonville, FL52,764155
50. Madison, WI46,230154
51. Shawnee Mission, KS41,314154
52. Fort Lauderdale, FL55,858153
53. Spokane, WA40,822152
54. Albuquerque, NM126,277149
55. Louisville, KY41,957149
56. Rochester, NY117,206148
57. Tulsa, OK75,116146
58. Knoxville, TN39,195145
59. Boise, ID62,861144
60. Boulder, CO78,597139
61. Memphis, TN114,847132
62. Columbia, MO29,595129
63. Ann Arbor, MI35,610126
64. Arlington, VA58,973122
65. Virginia Beach, VA44,873116
66. Dayton, OH56,534115
67. Tempe, AZ60,239115
68. Tallahassee, FL35,989114
69. West Palm Beach, FL51,751114
70. Greensboro, NC45,177113
71. New Orleans, LA39,784112
72. Wilmington, NC62,238112
73. Fort Collins, CO61,248111
74. Portland, ME46,421111
75. Fort Wayne, IN56,220108
76. Cedar Rapids, IA28,130106
77. Fayetteville, AR24,943106
78. Columbia, SC54,244104
79. Charleston, SC49,912103
80. Tacoma, WA31,010103
81. Plano, TX75,119102
82. Sacramento, CA44,328102
83. Springfield, MO28,059102
84. Eugene, OR31,857101
85. Little Rock, AR45,595101
86. Buffalo, NY73,249100
87. Lexington, KY57,595100
88. Mesa, AZ42,911100
89. Bellevue, WA34,05998
90. Oakland, CA39,72397
91. Colorado Springs, CO81,46395
92. Marietta, GA69,41492
93. Cambridge, MA30,97691
94. Charlottesville, VA27,05091
95. Alexandria, VA33,02090
96. Corpus Christi, TX82,14890
97. Fargo, ND39,16090
98. Fort Worth, TX82,54888
99. Lincoln, NE21,72288
100. Durham, NC30,27686

windmechanic - Mark James Mullins

Moving to Iowa for Wind Energy classes in August. Before you follow me, please read my FAQ: http://tinyurl.com/m3xnoc

jacksomers - Jack Somers

Conservative. I like the outdoors, politics, business, hunting, the internet. Pro-life, FairTax

JasonsDeliLR - Jason's Deli LRock

We Cater and Deliver!

CARVMug - Central AR VMUG

chinanolan98 - China Nolan

Just looking at the dream

inthooz - Chris McMillen

Little Rock AR design and marketing firm. We build brands!

Gingercb47 - Ginger Beck

I like laughing until my sides hurt, fighting conformity, and striving continuously toward becoming better...

itsccn - Chris N

helveticaman - Aaron Baker

Information Architect, Usability and User Experience Researcher for ualr.edu. I eat Google Analytics for breakfast. Don't call me webmaster; call me web czar!

Basavanna - David Cody

Where the frak am I?

caroclew - Caroline Lewis

Arkielad - David W. Quinn

Wannabe photographer, wannabe writer, all around smart ass.

bjohnsonhenson - Brenda JohnsonHenson

Life isn't measured in years, but in moments.

ArkieCal - Calvin Clift

Almost 60, married and happy. Kind of semi-retired, working five hours a day for pay.

Localtweeps Status:#lt My wife bought weekend tickets to the Riverfest at a good price. Now I have to make time to attend this year.

tsudo - Keith (a.k.a. Tsudo)

IT consultant, Social Media Fanatic, Network and Security geek, Radical Conservative, Evangelical Christian, Husband, Southerner

itsbrettmichael - Brett Michael

Optimism, Smiles, Music, Food, Art, and Nakedness. Say what?

sbibles - sbibles

rhinonabox - Ryan O'Connor

Ryan is the Creative Director / COO of Mass Enthusiasm, Inc.

lolcoder - Joshua Shannon

BaleHonda - Bale Honda

Call 1-800-489-4663

danielfcase - Daniel F. Case

Novelist, Broadcasting professional, and all-around Geek (in a good way). Poster boy for Adult ADD.

markdeymaz - Mark DeYmaz

Founding Pastor, Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas, Author/Multi-ethnic Church Movement Leader

Ks_haiku_diary - Kerry Kemp

haiku diary / concise thoughts aren't too easy / subtlety ain't me

Pickering - Stephen Pickering

degradable - Writer - Poet - Philosopher - Musician

aleighanne - Amanda Paige

Nonfiction writer and Historian for hire, Catholic SQPN Fan

1011web - Chris Eley

1011 Web designs, builds markets websites, ecommerce stores and custom software applications

bichonhappy - Donna Randall

mikelleggett - Mike Leggett,REALTOR

19 years selling real estate, Love helping families find their "American Dream"

scottieboy4 - Scott McLaughlin

rbfineart - Robert Bean

Little Rock, Arkansas based artist. I work primarily in Acrylics and Pastels.

tamtamdoll - Tammalah Johnson

Mature conversations about anything and everything

LannieCox - Lannie Cox

Intend to love God, family and neighbors with all I am, repent of sin, help others decide to do the same, father, husband, PR consultant, minister, laugher

beritk - beritk

meanest mom in the world...passion for the beach and for heifer int'l!

abartlett - Adam Bartlett

I'm in your system/network/build/release, administering something

jccarter1 - Jacob Carter

Student. Designer. Web enthusiasts. ModX lover. Photoshop fiddler. Vegetarian

allanaquino - Allan Aquino

phi beta sigma . frat boy . new skool railroader . i will always bleed husker red .

kaz333 - k zolten

not quite self actualized but giving it my best shot.

DallasHarmon - DallasHarmon

Netowrk Guy

dgoins - David Goins

News Reporter

EthanMoore - Ethan Moore

When the kids are united...Gabba Gabba Hey!

eifortune - elizabeth fortune

PR Specialist for U of A Cooperative Extension Service

Dru89 - Drew H.

If you only have a minute, it will only take a minute.

joshblevins - Josh Blevins

Owner of The House and Chairman of the Blevins Investment Group

robertblake - Robert A. Blake

I am a decent and productive guy living in Little Rock.

kenmyers - kenmyers

kellykdudzik - Kelly Dudzik

FOX16 Weekend Anchor/Reporter

AboutLittleRock - Amanda Galiano

Writer, PharmD and super geek

ARStateParks - Arkansas State Parks

The hallmark of Arkansas's state parks system is the diversity of our scenic landscapes, natural and cultural resources, park facilities, and programs.

ArkansasOutside - Joe Jacobs

Encouraging people to play outside in The Natural State.

outsiderpromo - Martel Campbell

DJ, Producer, Videographer, Promoter...Business MAN. Anyone out there trying to get it follow me, and I will follow you.

Marge54 - Marge54

Original photography, unique cards.

johnmemmer - John Memmer

Grad student(Clinton School of Public Service!), Texan, Rockets fanatic.

jessicasa - Jessica Sahene

Im a web producer, I have the coolest son, and I heart coffee

MANATTWeb - Steve Manatt

Web design/eBusiness Consulting business

WishTribe - Kelly Griffin

We are a modern rock band from Little Rock, AR

katesain - Kate Sain

Jazz at Lincoln Center fly on the wall, producer-in-training, singer, music copyist, Arkansan, girl about town

JoshDStokes - Josh Stokes

Clinton School of Public Service Student, Alabama Alumni

angelmg - Angel Galloway

Communications Director for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, also @TheRep, and passionate about the power of social media for non-profits.

sundayoh - SundayOH!

Your FREE guide to Open Houses.

gfmurphy - gfmurphy

principal software developer @matmon

keelyerin - Keely Kaffenberger

TheRep - The Rep

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre entertains, engages and enriches local and regional audiences of all ages. Tweets by @angelmg.

donaldG - donaldG

i live in little rock, i'm a web designer/developer, it just happened to me.

jmdipippa - John DiPippa

law school dean, cyclist, husband, father, cancer survivor

johnhornor - johnhornor

Writing. Design. Music. Being evil AND funky, all at once.

bryanjones - Bryan Jones

For money, I lead the @cjrwInteractive team, and serve as Interactive CD/Strategist. For a living, I'm the father of three and husband of @sarabethjones.

angryczeck - Jeremy Harper

Rancor and rage stuffed in a homemade leather wallet of hate.

vannovv - Van Van Noy

System Engineer, Windows, Linux, AIX, VMware, VMware vExpert, Dave Ramsey Fan

Dauphne - Dauphne Trenholm

Smart aleck. And a sarcastic one at that.

vlmalpass - vlmalpass

PixelJunkieAR - PixelJunkieAR

Motion Graphics Visual Effects Editor

fear_ants - AiLien Draheim

Totally boring!

JeffHankins - Jeff Hankins

Arkansas Business Publishing Group President, Publisher; appears on Today's THV, AETN

Bates81 - Amanda Bates

Arkansas girl through and through. Work at a non-profit in LR and love it. Have a son named Bear

JLRIII - Skip Rutherford

jordanpjohnson - Jordan Johnson

VP and Director of Public Policy at CJRW, Spokesman for Clinton Center, LR Parks Commissioner, Community Advocate, Conservationist, Methodist

MelissaFrancis - Melissa Francis

I write bitchin' fiction.

djazzycool1 - J Cleveland Payne

News Producer, Radio DJ, Sub Talk Show Host, Internet Guy, Media Marketing Specialist, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Profile Manager, All Around Nice Guy

LT - Lance Turner

ArkansasBusiness.com, ArkansasSports360.com Internet Editor

arkansasblog - Max Brantley

Arkansas Times editor reports news, buzz and comment.

cdbond - Christopher Bond

Professor of Communication PR: speaker, consultant researcher of social media in health contexts, VP-Int Listening Assoc, husband dad

ameero - Ameer Al-Alawi

lupka - Alex Chalupka

I'm a computer science major at UCA. I dabble in photography and graphic design and I'm a sports fan/blogger (check out http://thesportsgeeks.com). That's me.

rlbates - rlbates

Plastic surgeon who quilts

501graphics - 501 Graphic Design

Completely custom design that’s so fresh, progressive, high-impact, affordable, individualistic, unique, clean, professional, and personal.

ajk2013 - Aaron Kelkhoff

Originally from southern Illinois, went to college in New York, now in medical school at UAMS in Little Rock, AR.

partieswithabuz - Patricia Rath

Independent Passion Parties Diva

imSimplyRai - Raisha G

TheRidgeWines - The Ridge

The Ridge Wine & Spirits is the Premier Wine & Spirits Shop in Little Rock Arkansas.


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