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Why should I customize my listing using the #lt hashtag?

On Localtweeps you're in control of your listing! It's not your Twitter bio or your latest tweet – it's whatever you want the tweeps in your ZIP/Postal Code and City to see.

You can change your listing anytime to display:

  • information about an event/tweetup
  • a special offer from your business
  • reasons people should follow you
  • something you're looking for
  • your locally relevant bio

Localtweeps is the place for people to make local connections and find out what's happening right now, at a hyperlocal level.

How do I customize my listing using the #lt hashtag?

Once you have listed yourself with Localtweeps any tweet you send that ends with #lt will become your Localtweeps status.

For example:

We're having a garage sale this weekend at 123 Main St. #lt

Come down to Mike’s Corner Store this weekend, mention Twitter and all soft serve ice cream is buy one get one FREE! #lt  

Follow Diamond Lake Realty for recent listings, real estate tips and mortgage information. Your Minneapolis lakes specialists! #lt  

Your Localtweeps listing will always show your most recent Localtweeeps status, so you can update it any time by sending a new tweet that ends in #lt. We’ll catch and display your tweets that include locally relevant news, events and information and ignore the tweets that don't!


Can I be listed in more than one ZIP/Postal Code?

Not at this time. One ZIP/Postal Code per tweep keeps it local and authentic. We understand that local goes beyond a single ZIP/Postal Code. All listings also display at the city level and we're working on some exciting enhancements that will make it even easier to find and get found beyond your ZIP/Postal Code. Please follow for udpates.

What if the ZIP in my listing is wrong?

Re-list yourself by entering the correct ZIP and "Tweet to complete".

Can I be listed if my Twitter profile is "Protected"?


How long does it take for my listing to appear?

Typically under a minute. If you don't see your listing within 15 minutes, re-list yourself using the "Tweet to complete" button on the homepage.

Are there international listings?

Twitter and the web are worldwide, and localtweeps will be too! We’ve had many requests to for international listings and ww're working quickly to roll them out. Please leave feedback about any countries you’d like to have listed, and follow @localtweeps for updates.

How do I list myself?

Enter your 5-digit ZIP code in the field on localtweeps.com and hit the “tweet to complete” button. Your Twitter homepage will open with a status update that reads "Just listed myself in the http://localtweeps.com local Twitter directory in ZIP XXXXX". Click “Update” and you’ll be listed!

How often are follower counts updated?

Follower counts are updated regularly.

What's a tweep?

Someone who uses twitter is a tweep. Twitter + Peep = Tweep!